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Light is a constant source of amazement to me as its physical properties are impossible to capture and define.  We need light to thrive and without it, colour cannot be perceived and can only exists when a viewer, an object and light are present.

My current work explores this phenomenon within natural and urban spaces. I am drawn to the fleeting, ethereal shapes and patterns that can manifest unexpectedly: from light through windows, shaded walkways or on buildings, to fragmented and atmospheric light hovering within the landscape, over streams, shorelines or in woodland.   

Water is life giving and also a vehicle through which ‘events’ are constantly played out.  My recent visits to coastal locations have reignited my love of these spaces. Natures’ ‘footprints’ left on the shoreline by its rhythmic force leave traces of patterns, colours and shapes in the ever-shifting sand through the ebb and flow of tides and seasons.